Our Successes

Youville Centre Grads

For over 17 years the Knights of Columbus Council 9544 has organzied a Charity Golf Tournament in support of local communtiy needs.  To date over $215,000 were raised to feed the poor, to shelter the homeless, to support mental health issues and to help single mothers learn to support themselves and their children.

Through this tournament we seek to raise awareness of all these issues which have touched so many of our familes and those of our neighbours.


Raising awarness of these problems helps encourage the communtiy to come together, to find solutions, bulid consenses and develop and implement programs to change the future well being of our lives and those of our neighbours.

This year we are dedicating our efforts in support of the Youville Cenrtre, The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health, the Shepherds of Good Hope - Hope Living Facility and the Knights of Columbus Charities - Coats for Kids and Food for Families Programs.